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About me

I am a lawyer from Barcelona focused on International Sports Law and International Human Rights Law. I am also a mental health activist, a women’s sports defender and a former basketball player & coach.

My life has always revolved around three issues: sports, Law, and mental health.


I played basketball in different sporting clubs for many years, and after I had the opportunity to be a coach of several basketball female training teams. For more than ten years, I was a legal counsel of a Basketball Camp, guaranteeing the fulfilment of legal requirements by staff, basketball players, and their families.

I have been a fan of women’s football for two years, and I am following with very attention the development of the Women’s Professional Football League in Spain.


I graduated in Law from the Pompeu Fabra University. After, I obtained a Master’s in Legal Sciences from the same university. During this master’s degree, I participated in the academic programme «Comparative, International, and European Law» at the University College Dublin Sutherland School of Law.

My first professional experience was related to Sports Law. Mainly, the case was related to basketball coaches’ licenses affecting over 8,500 basketball coaches. I had the opportunity to present a legal opinion to lawmakers from the Parliament of Catalonia explaining the dispute and write articles in the media defending coaches’ interests.

Mental Health

I was diagnosed with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a high severity level at the end of 2010. Although this mental health problem disabled me from doing anything for a long time, I worked very hard to recover my freedom. Of course, it was possible thanks to my teammates (family, friends, and doctors).

I was a legal counsel for different mental health entities to help people with psychosocial disorders defend their rights. Likewise, I founded and chaired the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions in Spain. Lastly, I have also participated in different campaigns to fight against the stigma surrounding mental health.

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